Youth Sport and Mentoring Programme

Within our mission, we aim to provide young people from the community who suffer from a lack of skills and education and are on the margins of society, with practical opportunities to enhance their employability prospects while also making a positive contribution to the community that surrounds them. We also aim to create better outcomes for young people who are faced with more challenging situations or are on the cusp of falling into the criminal justice system, through targeted interventions. Often, those very same young people are the ones who are born into adversity, and already face uphill societal challenges from the most important years of development, which shapes their attitudes and behaviours during adolescence. Our role is to work with those at the forefront of being able to provide suitable interventions, to guide and nurture youth onto the right oaths, in order to meet their full potential. 


Our mission is to expand our inventory of offers to young people 11–16, where we can provide a wider range of engagement opportunities. The programme is an “open access” intervention which enables youth to filter into the programme from referrals, word of mouth and general enquires. The programme is FREE to attend all sessions, and requires no current booking process., membership, or commitment to longer-term attendance. There  are no skill or fitness level requirements to engage in the physical activity; the wider development work through mentoring is more aimed at the youth at risk of falling into the criminal justice system (CJS) based on previous behaviours and outcomes. Our current delivery schedule takes place on Tuesday evenings weekly at 5pm to 8pm from Doug Ellis sports Center in Perry Barr. Our current offers and prospects range from:


  • General Fitness Sessions/Anatomy Awareness
  • Sports Activities
  • 1:1 Mentoring
  • Team Building Activities Days
  • Guest Speakers 
  • Workshops