Our vision is that Sports Key contributes towards a healthier, cohesive and more active community. That we provide a platform for individual development particularly for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and that we harness the power of culture to connect the diverse communities of Birmingham.



Healthier and more active communities– To achieve our vision we aim to widen our menu of initiatives and activities; incorporating a greater selection of traditional and non-traditional physical activity to increase participation.

Stronger Communities​ – Improved community cohesion from businesses to individual level with more people living and working in harmony. We aim to achieve this by uniting people socially through regular social interaction and culture. Cultural diversity reflects in everything we do. We aim to create unique, urban and welcoming environments through interaction on a level with those we engage with and those who can understand, relate and feel comfortable in expressing themselves.

Individual development -Young people having better chances in life with better access to training and development to improve their life skills through our volunteer programme. We aim to empower people by raising their employability prospects through volunteering development.