Sports Key Games 2016

The Sports Key Games was inspired by the London 2012 Legacy Plan, to increase community engagement through sport by providing more accessible and affordable options for local people. We felt that we are at the heart of the community in Birmingham, with strong links to sports facilities which were rarely attended by those most at need, particularly across North West Birmingham that covers many areas of deprivation with high figures of health issues, predominantly within Black and Asian Minority Ethnic Groups (BAME).

In addition to our menu of weekly activities, we wanted to deliver an annual flagship event to celebrate multiculturalism within the city, by bringing our activities to one venue and creating a cohesive family orientated culmination of activities; including tournaments, kids’ attractions, a range of vendors and musical entertainment.

The Sports Key Games provides a platform for young volunteers to gain experience working in a community setting to equip those with transferable life skills and enhance employability prospects in a city which suffers from high unemployment rates within young adults.

The Sports Key Games 2016, was our first annual flagship event which provided our members with weekly sessions which in turn provided an opportunity to put their practice into action with a more competitive offer. The event also opened doors to the wider public to enter team for their chance to engage in friendly and cohesive competition.


The netball competition welcomed the Harborne Hornetts, and Sports Key A and B team which saw the Hornetts come away with the deserved victory.

The badminton tournament welcomed players from our weekly programme amongst those from various clubs across inner city Birmingham. One of our regular participants, Ryan Clarke, came away with the Gold medal in a very competitive and vibrant tournament.


The football tournament welcomed 6 teams in total including our very own Sports Key team which were victorious in clinching the gold medal in a close competition and high standard of play.