We have a passion and commitment to create opportunities for young people through our training and volunteer to employment pathway. We work closely with various stakeholders to equip the youth with the required skills to pursue a potential career within the sporting sector and beyond.With the Commonwealth Games coming to our city in 2022, we endeavour to position our organisation where young people can have a voice and demonstrate the potential of our future generation, as they often lack opportunity to nurture their ability to succeed.

We pride ourselves as staff, to have a distinguished connectivity to young people through our own experiences growing up and residing in the heart of the community, which are affected most commonly by skills, employment and economic inequality.

Our menu of activities provides a robust platform for young people to gain experience; adopting various sports and non-sporting roles to enhance transferable skills. Our youth programme targets those from inner city Birmingham aged 14-19 years old, particularly not those in Education, Employment or Training (NEET).

If you would like to hear more about our youth opportunities, please contact us via the details below.