Advisory Board

Larissa Carr (Mental Health Rep)
Larissa works as a mental health professional within social care and has brought ideas into implementing approaches to capturing qualitative evidence for how we indirectly support people’s mental health and wellbeing across our work. Larissa also provides all round support in advising general operations.

Tyler Smith (Youth Rep)
Tyler, being the youngest on the advisory board provides advice as a young person, and feeds ideas into our overall youth inventories. Tyler, once a youth rep for the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) Youth Board, typically works in accountancy, however, also has a strong affinity to young people across the city as a night life promoter, so understands behaviours and latest trends, which has been invaluable towards our youth insight.

Michelle Nicely (Events and Sales)
Michelle holds years’ experience at managerial level within sales and operations, where she has provided us with effective strategies and solutions into streamlining methods to maximise income from our signature events. Michelle, a former participant within our Netball programme, has witnessed the journey from inception has supported the organisation continuously to shape our growth to date.

Cheyanne Haye (Inclusion and Diversity)
Cheyanne is one of our most valuable advisory board members, due to her extensive experience working within community sport for development, communities and role within inclusion and diversity. Sports Key is positioning much of our work to tackle issues around racial inequality and improving equity and inclusivity across all areas of our work.

Nailah Ukaidi (Data Protection)
Over the years, we have learnt of the importance of data protection (people’s rights) which often gets overlooked within the communities and voluntary space however, as one of the leading community for sport development organisations across the region, we ensure that we remain compliant across all areas of business. Nailah has supported the organisation from both an advisory role and consultant within direct business operations, which has strengthened our data protection and GDPR compliancy.

Iszora Rageh (Finance)
Sports Key continue to be innovative with its mission to remain sustainable, through developing its enterprise objectives. Iszora, has been influential with sharing her financial expertise from an advisory position, to support the organisations growth and development. Iszora has a passion for supporting the organisation within her capacity, as one of our regular cycling and badminton participants.